Rasmus Holmqvist

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Nyanjam x coverswim

Promotional Video

Beautiful Nyanjam shot for Coverswim in Dallas, Texas. Showcasing their unique swimwear designs in an unconventional way.
I was in charge of Art Direction, VFX/Lighting and post production.

Shot by Fredrik Brodén.


App Store Preview

Brand new App Store Preview for Turo to showcase features, functionality and interface of the product.

Turo is the world’s largest car sharing marketplace, and the App Store Preview is the first thing that new customers see before downloading the app. This was an opportunity to showcase not only how easy it is to book a car in you area, but also the huge selections of cars that you wouldn’t normally find at a car rental.

I was responsible for the  project from story boards to finished animation.

The New York Times

The One Show Young Ones

The challenge was to tackle the issue of decreasing news literacy. The purpose of the campaign is to change peoples thought process.

We’re repurposing the iconic New York Times newspaper boxes to challenge our audience to think critically.

Awarded with a silver pencil at The One Show Young Ones.

Creative team: Hanna Göransson, Freija Edlund, Rasmus Holmqvist, Hedvig Rausing, Amanda Wennberg

Doomsday Delayed

A visual study of overpopulation

We hear every year how earth is getting overpopulated, that mankind won’t be able to stay on this planet for much longer. But how much truth is it really to it?

This is an informational based visual system on how overpopulation really will affect the world in the coming 100 years, and what factors will play a part of it.

The Devil Made
Me Do It

Typographical Cookbook

Too many cookbooks are stuck up, pretentious and often quite bland. Cooking should be fun and experimental, not a task. I got the opportunity to design this one after what I think a cookbook should be, celebrating some of those who came before us but also introducing something new and exciting.

This book is all about decadence, to the people who want to stay up all night drinking, the unapologetic, the people who want to eat good but maybe not in the right way.

A heathens cookbook so to say.


Selected acquisition ads

During my time at Turo I helped establish the framework and design for acquisition ads on social media and other platforms.

Our main goal with the campaigns was to showcase how Turo is a much better service than regular rental cars in both selection and accessibility.
After all the how you get there is part of the trip, why not show up in something flashier than a Civic?

These are a selection of a few ads made during that time.


Personal Projects

A selection of animations and renders made in Cinema4d and rendered out using Octane.

These are  explorations of ideas that I've had and put into life, to explore the possibilities of 3D space and animation.

Too Big to Fail

Rebranding of Xfinity

Xfinity, one of the most hated companies in the US since it’s start in 2010, is the biggest supplier of cable television, phone and internet in the US.

The idea was to rebrand them as infinity and remove the corporate shade that Xfinity and Comcast has had since they launched by creating the most flexible, accessible and expansive service yet.


Company brochure

Snøhetta began as a collaborative architectural and landscape workshop, and has remained true to its trans-disciplinary way of thinking since its inception.

Today, Snøhetta has grown to become an internationally renowned practice of architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture, product- and graphic design.

This brochure was made to show the flexibility of Snøhetta and how they utilize the nature around them.

The Best Soil Comes From Ashes

Wineglass packaging

In October 2017, Northern California was hit by one of the worst fires in its history. 8700 homes were destroyed and over 42 people lost their lives.

The idea was to create a commemorative wine glass where the proceeds goes to the affected, using a renowned vineyard as the messenger.

The packaging also functions as a lamp. A shining light to commemorate what we’ve lost and to show support for the restoration of what was left in ashes.